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The NuBeat Music Group is very happy to have others use their songs to further the Lord's message of love & joy to the rest of the world, permissions are granted quite freely to many churches, internet radio stations and schools for use of our songs. Please refer to the CC License that we provide here for basic guidance on the use of our music. Although we give permission for personal use, it's nice to hear from you about it so that we can forward your compliments to the respective song writers for their encouragement. :)

All the songs on are free to download for personal use. If you would like to use any of the songs for commercial purposes or to distribute them for personal or commercial reasons, we ask that you email us for permission before doing so. All songs on are copyrighted by their respective owners or by NMG Records.

For any further questions regarding distribution or licensing of these songs, please contact us via email. Media on may not be sold, distributed or reproduced in any form for commercial purposes without express permission from © NMG Records.