SWEET DREAMS TONIGHT (Original version)


Album: SWEET DREAMS TONIGHT (Original version)
Album Details:

22 SONGS / 108 MB / 59 min.

Artists: Cathy Gehr, Peter Gehr, Jeremy Spencer, Stefan Schaf, Gloria Russel, Johannes Brahms, Chris Gardener, Caleb David, Andrew Green, Chris Jung

ALBUM: "SWEET DREAMS TONIGHT (Original version)" Copyright © NMG Group



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Appropriately Scripture selection, awesomely composed and sweetly sung! May Adonai bless your efforts. Have been enjoying them, learning Scriptures and gifting them to others for over 20 years!!! Love to you in Yeshua, Joseph Panakal

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"The farmer can't plant the seeds And say, "Come on and hurry up And grow in one day!" He has to wait for the rain and sun To help the plants grow one by one."

Author: Chris G., Cathy Gehr