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363 TRACKS / 488 MB / 8 hr 54 min. ( 1 - 2 min. each )

RADIO HOST: Simon Peterson

ALBUM: "REFLECTIONS" Copyright © NMG Group



1.Reflections - The sun and the wind
2.Reflections - Bag of Potatoes
3.Reflections - Jim, it's Jesus
4.Reflections - Ten Commandments of Human Relations
5.Reflections - Nails in the gate
6.Reflections - Building a life
7.Reflections - Building up or tearing down
8.Reflections - The precious stone
9.Reflections - Getting out of the hole
10.Reflections - The Bible - a love letter
11.Reflections - We don't have to come back
12.Reflections - A beautiful life
13.Reflections - Generous shoemaker
14.Reflections - Oriental scholar
15.Reflections - You are God's opportunity
16.Reflections - Making axe handles
17.Reflections - Hindu's Christian wife
18.Reflections - Make Me Like Jo
19.Reflections - Luther's tame robin
20.Reflections - Forgiving Korean
21.Reflections - Most richly blessed
22.Reflections - Prayer - a powerful engine
23.Reflections - It will light you home
24.Reflections - Hearing a cricket
25.Reflections - Let in the sunshine
26.Reflections - Unspoken prayers
27.Reflections - Boy and marble
28.Reflections - The two prayer baskets
29.Reflections - The bedroom slippers
30.Reflections - Prayers are always answered
31.Reflections - Making others thirsty
32.Reflections - He shot himself
33.Reflections - Blind man leads others
34.Reflections - How to change the world
35.Reflections - Don't forget to mention Jesus
36.Reflections - Smiling them in
37.Reflections - On a Troubled Sea
38.Reflections - Not going to hell anymore
39.Reflections - Giving tracts
40.Reflections - Others
41.Reflections - Little boy's boat
42.Reflections - Significance of fish
43.Reflections - Lesson from a mountain goat
44.Reflections - The rich poor man
45.Reflections - Footprints in the sand
46.Reflections - Water test
47.Reflections - Wings out of the water
48.Reflections - Rock in the road
50.Reflections - No night without morning
51.Reflections - To walk by faith not sight
52.Reflections - Praying his ABCs
53.Reflections - Make large your request
54.Reflections - Lady Grimstone's grave
55.Reflections - Lost necklace
56.Reflections - You will rise again
57.Reflections - An atheist's question
58.Reflections - Ingersoll's challenge
59.Reflections - When the birds begin to worry
60.Reflections - Hupostasis
61.Reflections - Trusting in Papa
62.Reflections - LeTourneau's testimony
63.Reflections - Bible works
64.Reflections - Old man's plane ride
65.Reflections - Kraft Cheese testimony
66.Reflections - Exchange of wills
67.Reflections - Be worth saving
68.Reflections - Need for third class passengers
69.Reflections - Pagolini's violin
70.Reflections - Tending a tiny spot
71.Reflections - Blooms on the other side
72.Reflections - The master violinist
73.Reflections - Indian chief gives himself to Jesus
74.Reflections - Auctioned slave girl
75.Reflections - Humble pastor's fruit
76.Reflections - Redeemed African gives all
77.Reflections - I am going to China
78.Reflections - Blind landing
79.Reflections - His will be done
80.Reflections - You never did let go
81.Reflections - Little boy on train
82.Reflections - Frog in hot water
83.Reflections - Christians on the ice
84.Reflections - Richer than you are
85.Reflections - Eternal security
86.Reflections - A heavenly debate
87.Reflections - Salvation a done deal
88.Reflections - Over 40
89.Reflections - Dinner date with Mother
90.Reflections - Hand that rocks the cradle
91.Reflections - Blood cleanses sin
92.Reflections - Holman Hunt's picture of Christ
93.Reflections - Bird and the butterfly
94.Reflections - Lessening the weight
95.Reflections - It's on the inside
96.Reflections - Here is a man
97.Reflections - Story of Shah Abas
98.Reflections - Judge and the prisoner
99.Reflections - Old violin
100.Reflections - King and his jester
101.Reflections - Emphasize children's virtues
102.Reflections - Parent's prayer
103.Reflections - If a child
104.Reflections - Just yesterday my children
105.Reflections - Saving Maggie
106.Reflections - He's just seven years old
107.Reflections - Little boy's first Bible
108.Reflections - Thank God you're still a child
109.Reflections - How to raise a delinquent child
110.Reflections - My father's greatest gift
111.Reflections - Glasses like Granny's
112.Reflections - Lunch With God
113.Reflections - Traveling angels
114.Reflections - Who's hands
115.Reflections - Forgive today
116.Reflections - Soliders prayer
117.Reflections - Thomas Edison
118.Reflections - God's choice
119.Reflections - Be thankful
120.Reflections - Guidence
121.Reflections - Missed inheritance
122.Reflections - Meaning of A.S.A.P
123.Reflections - Shrink the world to 100
124.Reflections - The garden
125.Reflections - The peacemaker
126.Reflections - A dog's good example
127.Reflections - Hand in water
128.Reflections - Memo from God
129.Reflections - Learning from Noahs ark
130.Reflections - The brick
131.Reflections - Conered rattlesnake
132.Reflections - Durer's hands
133.Reflections - Say a prayer
134.Reflections - Be kind
135.Reflections - Other footprints
136.Reflections - Gods resume
137.Reflections - Who made it
138.Reflections - Through the storm
139.Reflections - The 801 train
140.Reflections - Bank account named Time
141.Reflections - Shy girl and frog
142.Reflections - Cass Daley's teeth
143.Reflections - Bernard Shaw overcomes timidity
144.Reflections - He got me in
145.Reflections - When you woke this morning
146.Reflections - Hyde's first creditor
147.Reflections - Rockefeller's first tithe
148.Reflections - LeTourneau's tithe
149.Reflections - The Ambassador
150.Reflections - Dig deeper
151.Reflections - A lesson from a robin
152.Reflections - Plumber who was blind
153.Reflections - Sinbad and the angry monkeys
154.Reflections - Teacher finally appreciated
155.Reflections - Beggar to businessman
156.Reflections - Encouraging Caruso
158.Reflections - Three bulls
159.Reflections - The wise judge
160.Reflections - A praiseful heart
161.Reflections - Moody's first class ticket
162.Reflections - Ever awake
163.Reflections - Somebody forgets
164.Reflections - My boy is not dead
165.Reflections - Somebody said it couldnt' be done
166.Reflections - Ask and you shall recieve
167.Reflections - The things that haven't been done before
168.Reflections - Saved by a smile
169.Reflections - Keplers model
170.Reflections - Dr. Brooks last visit
171.Reflections - Fishing fleet
172.Reflections - The bookmarker
173.Reflections - The leper asylum
174.Reflections - My papa is here
175.Reflections - The side board
176.Reflections - The sail boat
177.Reflections - World's finest painting
178.Reflections - Dr.Hinson's confidence
179.Reflections - When things go wrong
180.Reflections - God knows I'm worth it
181.Reflections - The Prisoners faith
182.Reflections - Feather in the wind
183.Reflections - Wise judge's marriage counsel
184.Reflections - The hidden treasure
185.Reflections - Dr.Howards prescription
186.Reflections - Prayer is so simple
187.Reflections - Disentangling the threads
188.Reflections - Longing to serve the Master
189.Reflections - Water in the desert
190.Reflections - Cold Water and apples
191.Reflections - Killing Jealousy
192.Reflections - How to be miserable
193.Reflections - The Sultans penatence
194.Reflections - Leason from a Dog
195.Reflections - The ant's burden
196.Reflections - Cocoon of the Moth
197.Reflections - Ethiopian's prayer
198.Reflections - Charles Eliot's disfigurment
199.Reflections - The Refiner's fire
200.Reflections - Things don't just happen to Children of God
201.Reflections - An extract of wisdom
202.Reflections - Take flight
203.Reflections - Stress managment
204.Reflections - The oyster
205.Reflections - Change your world
206.Reflections - Other Footprints in the Sand
207.Reflections - No sacrifice
208.Reflections - Someone needs you
209.Reflections - Children a gift on loan
210.Reflections - The best little daisy
211.Reflections - Be content
212.Reflections - Hidden rewards
213.Reflections - Your incredible body
214.Reflections - Refuge from the storm
215.Reflections - Only a little sparrow
216.Reflections - Mrs. Benson's lesson
217.Reflections - He expected it of me
218.Reflections - Go by the Book
219.Reflections - Words that work
220.Reflections - Can we understand God
221.Reflections - Remembering those of ill will
222.Reflections - Four magic words
223.Reflections - Giving by praising
224.Reflections - What he might have become
225.Reflections - He's With me
226.Reflections - This moment
227.Reflections - What really matters
228.Reflections - God can do it
229.Reflections - Buried hurt
230.Reflections - A lesson from a robin
231.Reflections - The big rocks
232.Reflections - What's it’s all about
233.Reflections - Love means believing in someone
234.Reflections - Treasure hunt
235.Reflections - Who still wants it
236.Reflections - Are you God's wife
237.Reflections - Stranded star fish
238.Reflections - The beauty remains
239.Reflections - Keep your eye on the goal
240.Reflections - Our most important question
241.Reflections - Please do not disturb
242.Reflections - Unintentional maintenance oversight
243.Reflections - This I know
244.Reflections - The trials of a teacup
245.Reflections - On dark days
246.Reflections - Life's yesterdays
247.Reflections - Like an only child
248.Reflections - The soul of man
249.Reflections - To whom shall I leave my kingdom
250.Reflections - Augustine by the seashore
251.Reflections - What matters
252.Reflections - Cut the rope
253.Reflections - What is success
254.Reflections - Emilia's new friend
255.Reflections - John did it
256.Reflections - Running through the rain
257.Reflections - No record of wrongs
258.Reflections - The house on the hill
259.Reflections - Keep it simple
260.Reflections - If God should go on strike
261.Reflections - Are you purring
262.Reflections - He knows
263.Reflections - The logic of it all
264.Reflections - Be like Mary
265.Reflections - The tangled bird
266.Reflections - Lights
267.Reflections - For happy living
268.Reflections - A prayer of St. Augustine
269.Reflections - Bible helps find oil
270.Reflections - God always needs more pipe
271.Reflections - Blessings from battles
272.Reflections - From the other side
273.Reflections - Be kind
274.Reflections - Encouraging words
275.Reflections - Of petals and people
276.Reflections - True heroism
277.Reflections - The statistician's mistake
278.Reflections - How to win friends
279.Reflections - Pause to be a friend
280.Reflections - Christ alone
281.Reflections - Repeated sermon
282.Reflections - Aquinas and the Pope
283.Reflections - God's wireless
284.Reflections - Sinking of the Iduna
285.Reflections - Fixing the hands
286.Reflections - As it might have been
287.Reflections - Drowning boy
288.Reflections - Jesus holds my purse
289.Reflections - Don't go until the lights come on
290.Reflections - In the secret of His prescence
291.Reflections - Thankful to be robbed
292.Reflections - Sometimes I do not pray in words
294.Reflections - The world is mine
295.Reflections - Scotsman and his chair
296.Reflections - Newton's telescope
297.Reflections - She asked to be made like her Saviour
298.Reflections - Power of a praying mother
299.Reflections - I met God in the morning
300.Reflections - Secret of home happiness
301.Reflections - Beyond our asking
302.Reflections - Walking on the seats
303.Reflections - If I can do some good today
304.Reflections - When things get in a tangle
305.Reflections - The greatest of all books
306.Reflections - Him, Him, Him
307.Reflections - May we be like Mary
308.Reflections - Seven Wonders of the Word
309.Reflections - Glowing matchbox
310.Reflections - Somebody else's mail
311.Reflections - Pray don't find fault
312.Reflections - No better Saint
313.Reflections - Bible study - 11 steps
314.Reflections - The king's teeth
315.Reflections - The fall of Rome
316.Reflections - Sullen vendor
317.Reflections - Sundar Singh saves his life by losing it
318.Reflections - I've shut the door on yesterday
319.Reflections - Does it cost you anything
320.Reflections - Mother's cake
321.Reflections - Not His cross that is heavy
322.Reflections - Hut in flames
323.Reflections - Speckled axe
324.Reflections - Roosevelt’s spectacles
325.Reflections - Bad news has come
326.Reflections - Thomas Edison’s inventions
327.Reflections - Robert Louie Stevenson’s Courage
328.Reflections - The child apostle
329.Reflections - God's hall of fame
330.Reflections - Chinese martyr’s testimony
331.Reflections - Brails testimony
332.Reflections - I'll do it anyway
333.Reflections - Getting things done
334.Reflections - The old porters comfort
335.Reflections - It's the sticking that counts
336.Reflections - Lighting the street
337.Reflections - Speak out like a man
338.Reflections - 10 cents too much
339.Reflections - The repentant judge
340.Reflections - One day I rang a door bell
341.Reflections - A job not big enough
342.Reflections - You tell on yourself
343.Reflections - Happy marriage secret
344.Reflections - The impossible prayer
345.Reflections - The oyster
346.Reflections - Where troubles can't touch you
347.Reflections - Building Habits
348.Reflections - Salvation at sea
349.Reflections - Why struggle
350.Reflections - Abide in Me
351.Reflections - Our words
352.Reflections - He got him in
353.Reflections - Which does God believe in
354.Reflections - In a class by himself
355.Reflections - New view
356.Reflections - A strong woman or a woman or strength
357.Reflections - The camels nose
358.Reflections - Answers from God
359.Reflections - Two banquets
360.Reflections - Bible suitcase
361.Reflections - Man, Boy and the donkey
362.Reflections - Beautiful motherhood
363.Reflections - Pickpocket's Tesimony
364.Reflections - Only a dad
365.Reflections - Forgiving Jimmy

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Thank you for allowing us to hear such a beautiful music. God Bless you, Manny.

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