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129 TRACKS / 259 MB / 18 hr 52 min. ( 7 - 12 min. each )

Radio Host: Virginia Brandt Berg




1.Meditation Moments - Baca
2.Meditation Moments - Be Still
3.Meditation Moments - Bringing Back the Ark
4.Meditation Moments - Broken Things
5.Meditation Moments - Divine Exhange
6.Meditation Moments - Divine Guidance
7.Meditation Moments - Doubts
8.Meditation Moments - Encouragement in Time of Trouble
9.Meditation Moments - Forgetting the Past
10.Meditation Moments - God's Cure for Loneliness
11.Meditation Moments - Hebrews 12 - Healing
12.Meditation Moments - Jesus Really Satisfies
13.Meditation Moments - Meet God's Conditions
14.Meditation Moments - Power in That Name
15.Meditation Moments - Self Life
16.Meditation Moments - The Ladder of Faith
17.Meditation Moments - The Promises
18.Meditation Moments - The Shut-ins
19.Meditation Moments - Thoughts
20.Meditation Moments - Wings
21.Meditation Moments - A Sense of Values
22.Meditation Moments - Assurance of Things Hoped For
23.Meditation Moments - Black Out
24.Meditation Moments - Boomerang
25.Meditation Moments - Born Again Christians
26.Meditation Moments - Christ in You
27.Meditation Moments - Closer Walk
28.Meditation Moments - Compose and Repose
29.Meditation Moments - Extra Allowance
30.Meditation Moments - God's Will
31.Meditation Moments - Happiness
32.Meditation Moments - Humility
33.Meditation Moments - Its So Because God Said So
34.Meditation Moments - Moses Forsook Egypt
35.Meditation Moments - Out of the Depths
36.Meditation Moments - Power of Positive Praise
37.Meditation Moments - Reaping
38.Meditation Moments - Secret Place
39.Meditation Moments - The Common Place
40.Meditation Moments - Victory Out of Defeat
41.Meditation Moments - Worthiness
42.Meditation Moments - Yesterday
43.Meditation Moments - A Song in the Heart
44.Meditation Moments - Cleansing
45.Meditation Moments - Compromise and Conformity
46.Meditation Moments - Dining Alone Tonight
47.Meditation Moments - Disappointments
48.Meditation Moments - Five Minutes
50.Meditation Moments - Humility
51.Meditation Moments - In the Garden
52.Meditation Moments - Just A Closer Walk
53.Meditation Moments - Open My Eyes
54.Meditation Moments - Precious Promises
55.Meditation Moments - Recieve
56.Meditation Moments - Renewal
57.Meditation Moments - Romans 8:11
58.Meditation Moments - Secret Place
59.Meditation Moments - The Faithfulness of God
60.Meditation Moments - The Measure of Faith
61.Meditation Moments - The Tongue
62.Meditation Moments - Transformed By Beholding
63.Meditation Moments - Utterly Destroy
64.Meditation Moments - Victory From Seeming Defeat
65.Meditation Moments - Appropriating Faith
66.Meditation Moments - Confession4 Daniel
67.Meditation Moments - Daniel
68.Meditation Moments - Glorified Saviour
69.Meditation Moments - Great Faith
70.Meditation Moments - Great Physician
71.Meditation Moments - Healing Glorifies God
72.Meditation Moments - Hold On
73.Meditation Moments - Judge Not
74.Meditation Moments - Little People
75.Meditation Moments - Loneliness
76.Meditation Moments - Old Age & Victory
77.Meditation Moments - Our Personal Responsibilities
78.Meditation Moments - Personal Conversation with Christ
79.Meditation Moments - Promises of God
80.Meditation Moments - Royal Road to Happiness
81.Meditation Moments - Self-Pity
82.Meditation Moments - The Bread of Life
83.Meditation Moments - The Strongbox
84.Meditation Moments - The Uncontrolled Tongue
85.Meditation Moments - When God Speaks
86.Meditation Moments - Will of God Not Hard
87.Meditation Moments - Afterward - Hebrews 12
88.Meditation Moments - All Things or One Thing
89.Meditation Moments - Birthday Service
90.Meditation Moments - He Satisfies Completely
91.Meditation Moments - Heavenly Citizenship
92.Meditation Moments - If I Gained the World
93.Meditation Moments - Importunity
94.Meditation Moments - Influence Acts 5
95.Meditation Moments - Love for Others
96.Meditation Moments - Miracle of Christianity
97.Meditation Moments - Praise and Thanksgiving
98.Meditation Moments - Seat of the Scornful
99.Meditation Moments - Strength in Weakness
100.Meditation Moments - The Standard
101.Meditation Moments - The Tongue
102.Meditation Moments - The Unchanging Christ
103.Meditation Moments - Today
104.Meditation Moments - Transformed
105.Meditation Moments - Wait Till the Lights Come On
106.Meditation Moments - Weakness vs Strength
107.Meditation Moments - Your Spiritual Growth
108.Meditation Moments - Bitterness and Vengance
109.Meditation Moments - Dare to Stand Alone
110.Meditation Moments - Doing Good
111.Meditation Moments - Faith to Claim Promises
112.Meditation Moments - Fixed Determination
113.Meditation Moments - God's Faithfullness
114.Meditation Moments - God's Intolerable Compliment
115.Meditation Moments - Mansions
116.Meditation Moments - One Thing B4 All Things
117.Meditation Moments - Rock of Ages
118.Meditation Moments - Sin of Unbelief
119.Meditation Moments - Stand Out for Jesus
120.Meditation Moments - Sweet Hour of Prayer
121.Meditation Moments - The Miraculous
122.Meditation Moments - The Secret Place of Prayer
123.Meditation Moments - The True Christmas
124.Meditation Moments - Three Looks of Redemption
125.Meditation Moments - Transformed
126.Meditation Moments - Why Healing
127.Meditation Moments - Will of God in Healing
128.Meditation Moments - Put Up Thy Sword
129.Meditation Moments - Who Sinned

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