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17 SONGS / 70 MB / 1 hr 13 min.

Artists: Paul Rushton, Phillip Johnson, Russel Alan Pratt, John Harvest, Emmanuel Gilligan, David Angelo, Ray Elam, Mike Fischer, Fernando Adour, Tigo Jasper

ALBUM: "Beacon" Copyright © NMG Group



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Many thanks for this wonderful website! Excellent work, do not get discouraged, there are people who recovers their work. A thousand thanks

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"I've been lost in my wanderings in the valley down below, And it's cost me some peace of mind in the things that I should know. But from way up here it's crystal clear, my receiver's back in tune, And I'm feeling like a butterfly squeezing out of its cocoon, To love this day, to hear You say You're coming for me soon. High Noon!"

Song: "High Noon"
Author: Emmanuel Gilligan