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13 SONGS / 50.4 MB / 55 min.

Artists: Vas Myers, Peter Gehr, Stephen Reid, Augusto Carreira, Ray Elam, Farrell Johnson, S. De Bezenac, Fabio Jayme, Emmanuel Gilligan, Sam Halbert, Julie Weiler, NTL, Tigo Jasper, Steve M., John Keble, David William Gilligan

ALBUM: "Break Away" Copyright © NMG Group



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Just want to say a big thanks to you guys for keeping some of these good songs around!

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"Can't decide the way to go, which way is best, What will prove to be right when put to the test. The only way to really know, I confess, is to hear from Heaven. Do it now, don't wait another day. What really counts is what Jesus has to say. Take His hand, & He'll lead you through. Listen closely, & He'll talk to you."

Song: "Hear from Heaven"
Author: Ray Elam