Album: NAKED
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11 SONGS / 86.7 MB / 59 min.

Artists: Jasper McCollum, Christian McCollum, Clare McCollum, Ryan Cline, Sebastian Fisher

ALBUM: "NAKED" Copyright © NMG Group



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I have been searching for a song for many many years [app from 1996] the song titled "born free brn wild I ve been born again atlast i found in yours a couple of days back I got my life enlightened thanks for your marvellous works GOD BLESS YOU with all HIS blessings bye for now S.Martin

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"See the blood drip from my fingers No longer will I linger in this state of indecision, Something’s gotta give in. Either I surrender, or fight like I was meant to In the face of losing all that's here To get where I must get to."

Author: Jasper McCollum